2012 Vendor Spotlight: Handmade Harvest

Name: Ryan Peterson
Business name: Handmade Harvest
My Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/handmadeharvest

Tell us about your products/business.
My products started out as crochet accessories. Hats for all ages, cowls, hair accessories, fingerless gloves, wallets, etc. Now I’ve branched out and am sewing purses, clothing and hair accessories from re-purposed clothing and fabrics. I also have a line of button accessories, from earrings to hair clips and pins.

What do you love about being a Maker in Michigan?
I love having the ability to manifest ideas that come to me randomly. My mind is always going over time so it’s nice to share the crazy things I’m thinking up with other Michiganders, and mostly I wanted to share them at affordable prices. Being able to offer unique, one of a kind products at reasonable prices is my main goal. I feel like everyone, no matter what their money situation, should have the chance to purchase something nice for themselves when they can. Also selling products made from re-purposed clothing is a fun and a great way to recycle!