2012 Vendor Spotlight: Joy Sparks Designs

Name: Joy Sparks
Business name: Joy Sparks Designs
Website: www.sparkeez8z1d.etsy.com

Tell us about your products/business.
Several years ago, I came across an antique typewriter and made myself a bracelet with the keys. I loved the way it looked and felt…the personal sentiment…the conversation that it created. In the time since, I have designed about 15 different styles of jewelry and sold them around the world. Some call it reusing. Some call it recycling. I call it up-cycling. It’s very satisfying to take an 80-year-old machine that is rusting away in someone’s barn, or collecting dust in their attic, or sitting on their junk pile, and transform it into an elegant piece of jewelry to adorn someone’s wrist or neck. And the stories that go with it are as unique as the jewelry itself. A widow whose husband was a journalist and would peck away on his portable Royal…a woman who learned to type on her mom’s old Remington…a college student’s memory of using her grandma’s big, black Underwood. Each one unique…each one special…each one a flashback I get to create by giving new life to something old and lifeless. I hope you will enjoy wearing this treasure as much as I enjoyed creating it…

What do you love about being a Maker in Michigan?
Shopping local is a passion of mine. I enjoy supporting local businesses and doing my part to support the local/Michigan economy. By creating here in Michigan, I get to help support others in encouraging them to shop local as well. Keep it in the mitten!