2012 Vendor Spotlight: Pipit Collective

Name: Rachel Wood
Business name: Pipit Collective
Website: www.pipitcollective.etsy.comĀ 

Where else can people find your products?
You can also see some of my products at Exclusively Walter in TC

Tell us about your products/business.
I do a variety of different things, including jewelry and what I like to refer to as ‘wearable art pieces’, original paintings, upcycled furniture turned functional wall art and decor, and mixed media pieces. A lot of what I do comes from upcycled and found objects, including my jewelry. I like working with objects that feel unique and tell a story, and that have a bit of history to them.

What do love about being a Maker in Michigan?
I am very inspired by nature, and I work with a lot of earthy products such as stone, wood, shells, and other materials found in nature, so being able to create in northern Michigan is such a gift! There is natural beauty everywhere you look up here, and what could be more inspiring than that? There are also so many other talented artists in the area, its easy to glean inspiration from the raw creativity that flows through Traverse City.

Excited to check out anyone else’s booth at this year’s TCMM?
Yes, I am very excited to see the other vendors in the Market. I know there are a lot of talented artists in the Market and I feel honored to be able to be a part of the experience and display my work among them.