2012 Vendor Spotlight: Sarah J Roemer

Name: Sarah Roemer
Business name: Sarah J Roemer
Website: www.sjroemer.etsy.com

Tell us about your products/business.
I make purses, belts and accessories constructed of post-consumer recycled pop and beer can pull tabs. These tabs have been collected by individuals to donate to local charities. The charities sell them to the scrap yard as a fund raiser. My husband, who works at the scrap yard, is able to purchase them in bulk as a benefit of employment.

What do you love about being a Maker in Michigan?
I love Michigan. I love the seasons, the forests, the lakes and beaches and the people. As an introvert, I need a little push to get out there and enjoy all, though. “Making” has provided that push. It has brought me to great events and locations that I likely would not have discovered otherwise.  Every show brings me in contact with new and interesting individuals.

Excited to check out anyone else’s booth at this year’s TCMM?
My husband will be with me at this show, so I will have the rare opportunity to leave my booth and do some shopping. The lineup for this show is spectacular, and I am looking forward to visiting all the booths.