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2012 Music Schedule


2012 Traverse City Makers Market Music Schedule

10:00 – Motus Mixtus

11:30 – Courtney Kaiser & IAA Songwriting Students

1:00 – The Accidentals

2:00 – Billy Strings

3:00 – Blake Elliott

2011 Music: Blake Elliott

Blake Elliott

Blake Elliott

Blake Elliott’s roots draw not only from her musician parents, but from decades of sonic forebears across genres and generations. Her soulful, versatile voice is the key to her ability to deliver classic rock tunes, jazz, alternative, bluegrass and even bossa nova.

We’re proud to have her perform this Saturday at Maker’s Market, and you won’t want to miss it either! In fact all our musicians are so great, we recommend you plan to spend most the day at the Market.

Open from 10-4 Saturday, on the bocce courts at Grand Traverse Commons.

2012 Music: Billy Strings

Billy Strings

Over the past few years discussing local musicians to play Maker’s Market, there have been more than a few times I’ve heard Kelly mention her neighbor who’s always playing banjo…

I only wish I’d followed up on that lead sooner.

When you hear Billy Strings play, it is apparent that he’s doing so straight from his heart. This is a guy who loves music and loves to play music. And although he may be young, his soul is really old, and his talent is absolutely nuts.

Check out some more of Billy’s tunes on his Facebook page.

2012 Music: Motus Mixtus


Traverse City certainly has no shortage of talented young people.

When we invited The Accidentals to play at Maker’s Market, they recommended this young band Motus Mixtus, and we’re so lucky they did!

As much as we love the whole singer-songwriter genre, our up north climate seems to have bred a surplus of acoustic-guitar-slinging artists. So I jumped at the chance to include something different for this year’s lineup.

These guys play good, old-fashioned garage rock, but aren’t afraid to pull from a variety of inspiration sources—from 90s alternative, new wave, brit pop and classic rock.

Come spend your day at Maker’s Market—Saturday, September 22nd! Great music, awesome food and the most unique arts & crafts in the north!


2012 Music: The Accidentals

the accidentals

the accidentals

If you haven’t heard of The Accidentals yet, you must not be from Traverse City.

These two high-school girls have been blowing up around northwest Michigan, becoming one of the most popular local artists over the past few months. Savannah Buist and Katie Larson write indie-pop-folk tunes with such a freshness and innocence that only teenagers could, but they do so with the confidence and talent of artists much more experienced.

We’re totally excited to have The Accidentals play at this year’s Maker’s Market! Music is a big part of our day and we’re happy to support budding local musicians. (Especially those so sweet as these girls)

We’ll be releasing specific time slots for all the day’s musicians in the coming weeks. Follow along on Facebook so you don’t miss it!

Call for Michigan Musicians



Singers, songwriters, musicians and bands! We’re now taking submissions for music artists who’d like to provide the soundtrack to our day.

As much as we consider visual art and craft an essential part of keeping our community healthy, we are big supporters of local music as well. If you’re a musician or band interested in playing at the 2012 Traverse City Maker’s Market, please contact us today with a link to some sample recordings.



Call for Northern Michigan Musicians

Northern Michigan Music

Northern Michigan Music

We have this increasing desire to make Traverse City Maker’s Market something more than just a place to buy and sell cool stuff (though it will always be that). Our desire is that with each passing year the Market becomes more and more of an event – a fun way to spend a day with friends or family along with the rest of our community.

So this year we’ve added food vendors (apply here) and live music!

Right now we’re looking for a variety of music artists to perform throughout the day to make TC Maker’s Market an experience for all our senses.

If you are a musician or band interested in performing this October, please contact us and let us know a little about who you are and where we can hear samples of your music.

We’ll let you all know more about our music as we narrow down our performers for the day!