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2012 Vendor Spotlight: Sara B. Jewelry & Metalsmithing


Name: Sara Biniecki
Business name: Sara B. Jewelry & Metalsmithing

Tell us about your products/business.
I create handcrafted modern sterling silver jewelry with colorful semiprecious gemstones, beach stones, mineral specimens, prehistoric fossils, rough uncut gems, and unique natural objects. I love to fabricate unconventional jewelry that is natural yet modern, with a bit of raw earthiness and asymmetry. Uncommon stone pairing is a favorite method of mine – a naturally tumbled Great Lakes beach stone alongside a highly polished and brightly colored gemstone cabochon is pure bliss!

What do you love about being a Maker in Michigan?
Although I currently reside in Indianapolis, my home and my heart are truly in Michigan. I am one of those annoying transplants who always exclaims, “The weather in Michigan is so much better!” or “Well, in Michigan we say it this way…” and so on. (And yes, I still get the funny looks for saying I am from ‘the Thumb’ or trying to explain MI locations on my hand!) Anyone who knows me knows that I am a proud Michigander through and through, and this amazing opportunity to bring my talent home feels like I have in some way come full circle. I am so excited for this road trip to sell my pretties in the mitten state – a beautiful place that inspires my creativity daily, a haven for my rock collecting obsession, and a home to an abundance of unique and talented artist friends.

Excited to check out anyone else’s booth at this year’s TCMM?
I can’t wait to drool over the gorgeous new copper creations of Courtney Fischer Jewelry and the wooden wonders of Four.Chamber.Forge. (Jewelry obsessed much? I think so!) Pretty Stinkin Green is also on my radar!

2012 Vendor spotlight: Valerie Epstein


Name: Valerie Epstein
Business name: Valerie Epstein

Where can people can find your products? 
Email me at writesabit[at]

Tell us about your products/business.
I create with steel; cutting, forming and welding my pieces into organic shapes.  I lean toward circles, arcs and curves and my work is appropriate to enjoy either indoors or out.  I also “write” in steel and am happy to take commissions for special names, places, words or phrases.

What do you love about being a Maker in Michigan? 
I love the diversity of the people and places here.  We are a lucky bunch to be surrounded by the beauty of the great lakes, nurtured by our abundant agricultural and natural resources and inspired by the gritty, can-do revitalization of our urban centers.

Excited to check out anyone else’s booth at this year’s TCMM?
I look forward to meeting all of my fellow vendors!

2012 Vendor Spotlight: Pretty Stinkin’ Green


Name: Deb Hepner & Hannah Halleck
Business name: Pretty Stinkin’ Green

Tell us about your products/business.
We recycle, reuse and refashion fabrics into funky new garments. Our products include skirts, tops, scarves and more, all made of recycled fabrics. We outfit children and adults.

What do you love about being a Maker in Michigan?  
The inspiration is endless.

Excited to check out anyone else’s booth at this year’s TCMM?
Makers Market is an event I really look forward to participating in. Kelly and Troy put together a great show for both the vendor and the shopper. I am really hoping to have a booth close to the musicians.

2012 Vendor Spotlight: Randi Ford


Name: Randi Ford
Business name: Randi Ford Fine Art, Illustration and Design

Tell us about your products/business. 
My work is mostly inspired by the landscapes and the animals here in Michigan. I sell original oil paintings and illustrations, along with prints, magnets and greeting cards of my work. If you love Michigan,nature, and animals, then my work is right for you. I have many original paintings of lake michigan, along with illustrations of Chickens. I also have illustrations that depict the seasons of Michigan, which include many of the different types of wildlife that live among us here.

What do you love about being a Maker in Michigan? 
I love being a Maker in Michigan, because I love Michigan. The nature that exists here is quite beautiful and I love capturing it my work.

2012 Vendor Spotlight: Northern Pier


Name: Chris Mock
Business name: Northern Pier

Tell us about your products/business.
I started Northern Pier with a simple goal in mind — to create clothing that captures the beauty and natural surroundings of the Great Lake State. I create and sell t-shirts and apparel that are meant to serve as distinct memories of the Northern Michigan towns and destinations they represent. Everything is custom designed to create fashionable and remarkably comfortable apparel that is uniquely its own.

What do you love about being a Maker in Michigan?
I am constantly inspired by the natural surroundings of the state. Because I am creating souvenir shirts for Michigan towns, visiting the different locales I create clothing for serves as a major component of the design process. I’ve found inspiration all over the state that lends itself to the vintage aesthetic I’ve set out as a benchmark for all Northern Pier apparel.

2012 Vendor Spotlight: sew ewe-nique designs


Name: Kelly Haug
Business Name: sew ewe-nique designs

Tell us about your products/business:
I bring together my love of sewing along with my love of knitting and just creating items that I enjoy. I loved creating items for myself that started to turn into something that others wanted to enjoy as well.

What do you love about being a Maker in Michigan?
Michigan is full of inspiration. Just walking outside your front door is the fuel for creativity. Especially for knitters like myself, we revel in the crisp air of fall to let our fingers begin flying with new ideas for hats, sweaters, scarves, and mittens.

Excited to check out anyone else’s booth at this year’s TCMM?
I am not sure who else is going, since I still new to this, but I am excited to check them out!


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2012 Vendor Spotlight: sariph


Name: Sarah Wilber
Business name: sariph

Tell us about your products/business.
I make unique, colorful accessories out of t-shirts, and as the weather turns cooler, I tend to spend more time on knitted accessories.

What do you love about being a Maker in Michigan?
I love the diversity of settings – so much inspiration can be found in both our nature and the different communities. I am somewhat new to Michigan’s indie craft community, and I have not been disappointed!

Excited to check out anyone else’s booth at this year’s TCMM?
This is my first year participating in the Maker’s Market. I have already been admiring everyone’s work through their websites, and I can’t wait to get to see it all in person!

2012 Vendor Spotlight: Green Daffodil


We are the Green Daffodil Girls Siouxsan Miller and Anne Simonetti!

Our Business name is Green Daffodil which equals “eco-happy.” Our products are Green and everyone loves cheery daffodils, born Green Daffodil!

Our website is  (This will link you to our etsy shop and Facebook page.) You can stop in our Studio in Ferndale, plus we are in over 100 stores throughout the midwest and beyond!

We started out making 100% pure soy candles made with the best fragrance oils and essentials oils, for dead-on true scents. Then we branched out to handmade soaps, soy lip balm, soy lotion and now room mists. All of our products are made in small batches and are vegan!  We see our goods as an every day healthy luxury. We have been in business for over 6 years and have our studio in Ferndale where we also live.  At our studio we hand make and package all of our products and we also have a small store front where we carry vintage goods and other artists work.

It is a source of pride for us to proudly say that our goods are made in Michigan. The state we were both born and raised and have lived in all of our lives! We are a hardy stock in this state and are up to the challenges that our region brings. It is the creative people who thrive, because we are used to thinking outside the box, working hard and with a budget. When we do out-of-state show we tout Michigan!

The Makers Market is always such a fun group of people. Can’t wait to explore new artists work and see some of our buds from downstate!

2012 Vendor Spotlight: Jodi Lynn’s Emporium of Doodles


Name: Jodi Lynn Burton
Business Name: Jodi Lynn’s Emporium of Doodles
Etsy shop:

If you love those things you can like me on facebook!

Tell us about your products/business:
I started making shrinky-dink art about two years ago. After watching the Cosmos I thought it would be super silly to doodle Carl Sagan on shrink film. I made a charm of him and immediately started to get requests for other scientists and things to have doodled onto shrink film.

Since then I have branched out and started to scan my drawings into the computer and laser etch them into wood and make prints and things. My most recent doodles are of Country singers which I am laser etching into wood and hand painting.

I love doodling all sorts of things. I am really pleased when I can doodle something that makes people smile. My favorite thing about being a maker at craft fairs is watching people’s expressions while looking at my booth. I like to watch people’s faces  go from confused to smiling at the sight of  scientist  shrinky-dink magnets. Thats what keeps me doodling and crafting is knowing that my love for drawing is being shared and enjoyed.

What do you love about being a Maker in Michigan?
I really love the maker community that exists in Michigan. There are so many wonderful and talented people that come from Michigan and I am so proud to be part of that community.

Excited to check out anyone else’s booth at this year’s TCMM?
Oh boy! Am I ever excited to check out this year’s TCMM!?  Geez there are so many sweet vendors I’ve never seen before!  And quite a few that I cant wait to see what new goodies have popped into existence. I’m starting to save my pennies right now!


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2012 Vendor Spotlight: OhMyLuckyStar


Name: Samantha Hughes
Business name: OhMyLuckyStar
Websites:, and

Tell us about your products/business.
I love to dabble in all things crafty. I make crayon rings and bracelets, nursing necklaces, fun animal play jackets, reusable cloth items, and even some jewelry.

What do you love about being a Maker in Michigan?
I think being a maker is a beautiful thing. To craft something with your own hands, putting so much love and care into an item (and knowing it will be loved by someone else, too), is probably one of the best things about being a maker in my opinion. Michigan is one of the most beautiful places and I constantly draw inspiration from my surroundings: from the springtime blossoms to the fall leaves crunching under my shoes as I walk along one of Michigan’s awesome nature trails.

Excited to check out anyone else’s booth at this year’s TCMM?
This is actually my very first craft show, so I am excited to see EVERYONE’s booths and meet some fellow Michigan makers!

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