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TCMM Party Playlist!


Saturday night you won’t want to miss the Maker’s Market after-party at Right Brain Brewery!

Everyone who loves TCMM is invited! We’ll be there along with vendors and music artists and all the day’s patrons relaxing after a fun and exciting day of hand-made excitement!

One cool new feature for our party is that we’ve created a collaborative playlist to which YOU can contribute!

If you’re going to be at the party Saturday night, add a couple of your favorite tracks to our Spotify playlist. Those of you extra-savvy modern youths can even add tracks from your smartphone in real time right there at RBB Saturday night!

It’s like a virtual jukebox from the future.

So don’t miss the party and join in the TCMM Party Playlist fun!

Ain’t no party like an after party

Party flyer PRF1

Did you know that we’re hosting an official Traverse City Makers Market after party? It’s true! After the show next Saturday, mosey on down to Right Brain Brewery for delicious beer, snacks and the chance to mingle with crafters and craft-lovers alike!

We can’t wait to chat with this year’s vendors and patrons after an exciting day. Hope to see you (and your friends) there!

Advertise with us!


Would you like to advertise on this fall (and kick off the holiday season)? The fall will be a huge time on With our annual event on the horizon, traffic is heavier than ever!

We’re now accepting new sponsors for three month intervals in a couple ad sizes, with rates shown below (priced with the small business in mind, as you can see).


Contact us to become a sponsor today!

Ultimate Tomato Sauce

Garden fresh

Garden fresh

We here at the Makers Market are dedicated of making of all kinds. Of course, this includes the making of good food, and I’d love to share one of my most beloved recipes with you.

Every year, our friends and family with gardens are kind enough to share their bumper crops with us, and if we’re lucky enough to get our hands on some fresh tomatoes, I love to make this sauce. My husband calls it Sexy Sauce, but it’s really called Ultimate Tomato Sauce. It’s so good, it makes me feel like I am the holder of a beautiful and delicious secret. Hope you love it as much as I do. —Kelly

Ultimate Tomato Sauce

1. Slice tomatoes and arrange on a sheet pan (or pans, depending on how much you want to make) lined with heavy-duty aluminum foil (otherwise your pans will get ruined).

2. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt.

3. Roast at around 300° ’til caramelized, about 1.5 – 2 hours.

4. Whir in the food processor and eat with a spoon! Or freeze in jars up to three months.


Important note: This recipe was passed to me via my friend, write and co-owner of Found Michigan, Emily Bingham (who got it from Jennifer Tutlis of Meadowlark Farm). Thanks, ladies!



Weekend crafting

Photo Courtesy Thea's Mania

Photo courtesy Thea's Mania

With the long weekend upon us, our thoughts turn not only to soaking up the last bits of official summer, but of taking advantage of that extra day off to … (what else) … make!

I came across these awesome tutorials, all doable in a long weekend.

Upcycled crates into killer entryway storage

A super simple high waisted dress out of a tank top and scrap fabric

Braided headbands out of old T-shirts

A branch hanging coat rack

Bookshelves made out of books!

As we head into muddy boot season, the upcycled crate to entryway storage has my gears turning, and I can’t help but be romanced by the idea of making tons of those tank top + scrap fabric dresses with my summer leftovers. What will you make this Labor Day?

Maker’s Market Etsy Team

Traverse City Maker's Etsy Team

Traverse City Maker's Etsy Team

Selling on Etsy? Join the Traverse City Maker’s Market Etsy team so we can promote & support one another!

It is a great place to share your work with Michigan neighbors and to stay connected to other Great-Lakes-State artists!

We’re blogging!

Blog illo 1

Are you there people interested in indie craft? It’s me, Kelly.

Welcome to the official blog of the Traverse City Makers Market! As you may or may not know, we’re currently in the midst of planning this year’s Fall event, so we decided to create a blog to share not only the details of the upcoming event, but also lots of ideas, people and helpful hints for vendors!


We’ll introduce you to our organizers and vendors, and you’ll have a chance to preview a lot of the work that will be on display at the Traverse City Makers Market. Plus, we’re developing a whole section of tips and tidbits for emerging crafters! We’lll share secrets of the trade from veteran crafters and small business owners and discuss topics to help you better market your work. Also, expect some fun posts about crafting trends, upcoming events, and some DIY projects and recipes!


Y’all ready for this?

Handmade Nation

Have you guys heard of “Handmade Nation”? A movie about the rise of DIY arts and crafts in the United States? It look pretty awesome, don’t you think?

Want to know more? Check out Handmade Nation’s website for further info (including where to find your own copy).

Yarn bomb!


Have you heard of yarn bombing? Folks get together and adorn public fixtures and spaces with sweet yarn creations. There’s even an International Yarn Bombing Day … June 11! Sometimes it’s done anonymously, sometimes people leave calling cards. Either way, we love yarn bombers’ guerilla crafting tactics and were thrilled when we noticed this yarn bombing in downtown TC. We don’t know who’s responsible for it, but we think it’s pretty great.

Rock on, whoever you are (hope to see you at the Makers Market in October). ;)

Liberty Local Handmade Craft Fair


We here at the Traverse City Makers Market believe in indie craft and in Michigan, so we’ll do our best to keep you apprised of interesting things doing with both. The Ann Arbor Art Center (where Makers Market founder and co-coordinator, Kelly, used to volunteer) is hosting a brand new handmade craft fair, Liberty Local,  just a couple weeks before our Market. An autumn weekend in the City of Trees? Sounds pretty awesome to us!

You can check out their website and read an interview with Sam Solis, the special Events Manager at the Ann Arbor Art Center.

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